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Ad Liberum is a creative project lead by Liam Twose with a revolutionary approach. It’s a framework with a huge future.

33% World / Story | %33 Game Engine | %33 Game

Anyone is able to get involved, whether an artist, programmer, designer, writer or film maker. The premise behind it is to create a range of frameworks for any type of media whether it be games, films, books or other.

The Ad Liberum Project brings together Stories, Worlds, Game Engine and Frameworks (all from a utopian / dystopian setting)
It is also the name of a group heading the uprising in a top secret game dev project of the same name, leading up to and after what was a utopian world that collapsed at the hands of humanity.

Both entities are the brainchild of Liam Twose Game DevelopmentLiam Twose. The world/s are currently in development in a way that will allow any creative entity, be they film maker, author, game designer or developer to use these resources to tell or breathe life into their stories in whatever capacity they choose.

Whilst my plan is not to open-source Ad Liberum as such The Ad Liberum Engine, story and frameworks will hopefully one day be made accessible to all* for you to interpret from your own angle. If you’re interested in contributing towards the uprising, please message freedom(at) OR follow / tweet the project on twitter Ad Liberum on Twitter@adliberum or myself Liam Twose On Twitter@liamtwose. We would welcome your input.

Anything produced will become part of the Ad Liberum Project. As project lead the final say on what goes in and what goes out falls to me. Some of the best contributors will be considered for positions that grant a pre-overseer decision phase.

Whether you’re here for the revolution or to join the revolution. We welcome you with open arms!

*where the stories, frameworks and more are used in the future credit must be given.

(currently using experimental sounds from

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Rise of Ad Liberum
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